7/6/2016 10pm Update

The situation is not good.

The server is back up and running but all data is gone, perhaps forever.  Two SSD Drives, against all odds, failed… the main SSD Drive and our backup SSD Drive.

If you try to access the site you’ll get a 404 error.. which means it’s running again but there is  no data as yet.  Troy is working to get an “Under Construction” page up to notify everyone about the problem.  This blog isn’t reaching everyone and in fact is reaching a very, VERY small percentage of Herd Members.

Again… please pass along this information to any Herd Members you can reach.

Troy is hoping to have the “Under Construction” page up by the evening of July 7th,  tomorrow.  It’s time consuming work and like for all of you it’s the middle of the work week.

I’ll keep updating this blog, a few of you contacted me that you’re reading it.

More information as I receive it. – JamesJM



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