7/6/2016 Update. It’s not good!

Gentleman, we had a near total failure.  Troy is working the issue now but it’s major.

First – is anyone reading this?  Did the word get out?  I had only a few email addy’s to send to, which I did hoping word would spread… but I have no way of knowing if it did.  I would appreciate if you could email me: ramjjm@gmail.com and let me know if you’re following this blog because I won’t waste my time if no one knows of it’s existence.

The Failure – was catastrophic.  We are studying options… as Troy told me, “It was the perfect storm of catastrophes”.  What that means is… total loss, including backups. BOTH hard drives failed.

We are looking into Data Recovery.  Troy is working, at this moment, to get a ‘rebuild’ “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” page up… the server is back online… but no data.  There exists a few ‘hopes’… not perfect recovery, but perhaps partial, meaning:

This is a several day recovery, we think.

You don’t have to ask… OF COURSE “The Original Herd” will return.  If I hear from you and find that word has spread and this site is being monitored I’ll continue to report our progress…  if not…. it’s going to be a while.  – JamesJM


6 thoughts on “7/6/2016 Update. It’s not good!”

  1. Just found out about what happened, both at the same time, unbelievable.
    I’m following the blog, thanks for putting it up.


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