7/7/2016 Update

Repairs continue.  We are hoping to be back online by this weekend, that looks to be the earliest.

Here’s the situation as we now understand it:  We lost our data.  We have a backup from two years ago that Troy stored on his personal computer.  We are also looking into data recovery of one of the failed drives.  We are hopeful that a more recent backup might be salvageable.

If we must rely on the old backup then all users who registered in the last two years would have to register

Whichever backup we use there will be a new DNS, due to moving to a new server. DNS is basically the ‘address’ of our website.  Different ISP’s update these addresses at different frequencies – some slower than others – meaning:  for some of you your ISP will update the new address quickly and you’ll get to the website quickly but for other’s it ‘could’ take a week or two for your ISP to note the new DNS and give you access to the site.  This is out of our control.

Since the failure was so bad we are upgrading everything.  Bigger, better, faster.   I will continue to update this blog with new information as I receive it.

Troy is loading an “Under Construction” page onto the website now but I am not sure what information it will contain.

As always, please pass along this information, and link, to all Herd members you have contact with.  – JamesJM




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