Late Evening 7/10 Update…

Let me start by thanking all of you for your patience.  This has been a living hell for Troy… not me, not yet anyway… and the ADMIN team, ex-Admins, all want you to know how much we appreciate your loyalty.

The big hang up right now is the DNS problem, which is out of our hands.  The board is actually up and running, even though there is still much, MUCH, to do.

We have a lot of cosmetics to fix, the settings were tweaked over the years and without reference Troy is having to go through them one by one.  A few modules are missing – so here’s the plan:

As soon as the server guys get the DNS problem fixed we’ll open the board… even though the it will not be complete yet.  What is left to be done we’ll get to in the coming days/weeks.

There could be some glitches when we do open the board again… it’s possible, for example, that you will receive PM’s, (private messages), from before the year 2015.

We have lost almost all posts.  When we reopen the boards it will be from scratch, all new posts.  After it’s running, and tweaked, we’ll look into a possible data recovery from the failed SSD’s.  We are not hopeful in this regard but the Board will, in short time, be in full working order as it was before the crash.

Again.. thank you for your patience and your loyalty.  From ALL the Admins both past and present. – JamesJM


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