We’re Back

It should be working for all of you.

If you registered before 2015 you should be able to log on just as before…. if after 2014 you will have to re-register.

I am still up for now.. it’s 9:21pm Pacific… I’ll approve your registrations until later this evening as quickly as I can. Shaky will be on early in the morning to continue the approving registrations.

Glad to be back… and once last time… so sorry for the inconvenience.  – JamesJM


One thought on “We’re Back”

  1. I’m at Ramsrule.com with the menu of the boards, the HERD board and the four message boards within the HERD. Clicking on any one of them takes me to a page with the error message ” This page can’t be displayed” I had to flush my DNS, bring up a command prompt (admin) type “ipconfig /flushdns” and now the HERD is back up for me.


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